Risk Management

Since 2017 Both ENDS implements a risk management tool as a key part of its quality process, which allows for prevention and – if need be – effective reactions to risks that materialise. Most of these risks are characteristic for the type of organisation and thus have a continuous character. Examples include:

Risk: Both ENDS does not generate enough follow-up funding for long-term projects that have short or medium term funding.

Mitigation measures: Intensify and maintain close relations with the donor community to influence the agenda of potential funders through continuous dialogue, also in close cooperation with existing funders of the organization.

Assure that Both ENDS fundraising activities keep a clear focus on the organisation’s Theory of Change and long-term ambitions through regular contact between the fundraising team and other key process teams.

Risk: Qualified employees leave the organisation.

Mitigation measures: Better checks and balances are included in the renewed HR cycle to monitor employees’ satisfaction. The organisation’s internal dialogue allows for an open and safe space to discuss possible adjustments if these are needed.

Risk: Mismanagement and/or fraud by partner organisations.

Mitigation measures: In 2018, in close cooperation with the rest of the Dutch sector of international development, Both ENDS initiated the implementation of an integrity policy that includes measures to prevent and act on cases of mismanagement and/or fraud by partner organisations.


Both ENDS has mapped out its risks and made an assessment of the likelihood of these risks occurring and the possible impact. Management measures are linked to these risks to minimise the occurrence of these risks. The Board has taken note of these risks and the control measures and advised to add a number of additional risks. The Board expresses its confidence that Both ENDS has sufficient control over the identified risks.