All projects in 2018

Take a look at the overview of all of our projects in 2018, including funders and project partners.

Both ENDS takes part in two ‘Dialogue and Dissent’ strategic partnerships (2016-2020) with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Fair, Green and Global (FGG) Alliance

FINANCED BY: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
ALLIANCE PARTNERS: ActionAid Netherlands • Clean Clothes Campaign Netherlands • Friends of the Earth Netherlands • Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen (SOMO, the Netherlands) • Transnational Institute (TNI, the Netherlands)
PROJECT PARTNERS: ACD (Panama) • Amazon Watch (USA) • Blue Planet Initiative (Bangladesh) • CENDEP (Cameroon) • Green Watershed (China) • Ecoton (Indonesia) • ELSAM (Indonesia) • EMG (South Africa) • FECONAU (Peru) • FED (Uganda) • FoLT (Kenya) • Fórum Suape (Brazil) • GLC (Laos) • Grassroots Malaysia • IGJ (Indonesia) • Institut Dayakologi (Indonesia) • Kalikasan (Philippines) • KNTI (Indonesia) • Lumière Synergie pour le Développement (LSD, Senegal) • Movimiento de 10 Abril (Panama) • NTFP-EP (Malaysia) • POPOL NA (Nicaragua) • Riak Bumi (Indonesia) • RRDC (Nigeria) • SEATINI (Uganda) • WALHI Sulawesi Selatan (Indonesia) • Zambia Institute for Environmental Management (ZIEM) • Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA)

Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA)

FINANCED BY: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
ALLIANCE PARTNERS: Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM, Nicaragua) • Mama Cash (the Netherlands)
PROJECT PARTNERS: ADECRU (Mozambique) • AIDA (Mexico) • AIPP (Thailand) • Aksi (Indonesia) • CCIMCAT (Bolivia) • CEE Bankwatch (Czech Republic) • Centro Terra Viva (Mozambique) • Colectivo CASA (Bolivia) •  Development Institute (Ghana) • Economic Justice Network (South Africa) • Ecoton (Indonesia) • ELSAM (Indonesia) • Fondo Tierra Viva (Central America) • Fundo CASA (Brazil) • Global Greengrants Fund (USA) • Green Alternative (Georgia) • IAFN (Costa Rica) • IPACC (Africa) • Kalimantan Women’s Alliance (Indonesia) • Keystone (India) • Les Compagnons Ruraux (Togo) • Lumière Synergie pour le Développement (LSD, Senegal) • Madre Selva (Guatemala) • NAPE (Uganda) • NOGAMU (Uganda) • Nature Kenya • NGO Forum on ADB (Philippines) • NTFP-EP (Philippines) • Omadeza (Mali) • ONG APIL (Burkina Faso) • OT Watch (Mongolia) • Paz Integración y Desarrollo (Bolivia) • Perkumpulan Pancur Kasih (PKK, Indonesia) • Plataforma Sauce (Paraguay) • Plurales (Argentina) • POPOL NA (Nicaragua) • Prakriti (Nepal) • Puente Entre Culturas (Bolivia) • Sengwer (Kenya) • Source International (Italy) • SPNKK (Philippines) • Ulu Foundation (USA) • Unnayan Onneshan (Bangladesh) • Utz-Che (Guatemala) • WATED (Tanzania) • WOMIN (South Africa) • Yanling Zhu (China) • Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA)

Other projects and programmes:


Aligning European Pension Divestment and Finance
FINANCED BY: KR Foundation

All Eyes on the Amazon
FINANCED BY: Nationale Postcode Loterij PROJECT PARTNERS: Article 19 (United Kingdom) • COICA (Ecuador) • Digital Democracy (USA) • Global Forest Watch (USA) • Greenpeace Netherlands • Hivos (the Netherlands) • International Institute of Social Studies (ISS, the Netherlands) • Interpol (France) • University of Maryland (USA) • Witness (USA)

Communities regreen the Sahel
FINANCED BY: DOB Ecology PROJECT PARTNERS: CRESA (Niger) • IED Afrique (Senegal) • SPONG (Burkina Faso)

Community Tiger Conservation
FINANCED BY: private funder

DivestInvest Familiefondsen en Goede Doelen

FINANCED BY: University of Amsterdam

International Financial Institutions Program
FINANCED BY: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

ISQAPER – Interactive Soil Quality Assessment in Europe and China for Agricultural Productivity and Environmental Resilience
FINANCED BY: The EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme for research & innovation PROJECT PARTNERS: Wageningen UR (The Netherlands) and many universities, private sector and think expertise organisations from Europe and China

Kick starting CSOs on Paris Proofing ECAs
FINANCED BY: Wallace Global Fund

Making European Export Credit Agencies accountable
FINANCED BY: Foundation Open Society Institute PROJECT PARTNERS: CEE Bankwatch (Czech Republic) • ECA Watch (international) • The Big Shift Global (international)

New corporate social responsibility policies for ECAs to phase out fossil fuel finance
FINANCED BY: KR Foundation PROJECT PARTNERS: CAN-Europe (Belgium) • Fórum Suape Espaço Socioambiental (Brazil) • ECA Watch (international) • Oil Change International (USA)

Participation is Power: Ensuring women’s access to climate finance
FINANCED BY: Wallace Global Fund PROJECT PARTNER: Women’s Environment & Development Organization (WEDO, USA)

Rich Forests
FINANCED BY: Stichting Otterfonds

Shifting Grounds
FINANCED BY: NWO-UDW PROJECT PARTNERS: Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) • Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) • JJS (Bangladesh) • Management Development Institute (MDI) • SaciWaters (India) • The Researcher (India)

Strengthening Grassroots Pension Fund Divest Invest Campaigns
FINANCED BY: Wallace Global Fund

Support for Asian NGOs
FINANCED BY:  Non-disclosable

Support for Indian CSOs
FINANCED BY: Non-disclosable

Towards resilient agriculture systems and biodiversity conservation; Non-timber forest products for sustainable income in Southern Mali
FINANCED BY: Anton Jurgens Fonds PROJECT PARTNERS: Omadeza (Mali) • FairMatch Support (Burkina Faso)

Wetlands without Borders
FINANCED BY: DOB Ecology PROJECT PARTNERS: Casa Río Arte y Ambiente (Argentina) • CAUCE (Argentina) • CODES (Paraguay) • Escola de Ativismo (Brazil) • FARN (Argentina) • FONASC (Brazil) • Instituto Caracol (Brazil) • Instituto GAIA (Brazil) • Probioma (Bolivia) • Rede Pantaneiras (Brazil) •  Sobrevivencia (Paraguay) • Sociedade Fé e Vida (Brazil) • Taller Ecologista (Argentina)

Both ENDS manages two small grants funds:

The Koningsschool Fund
FINANCED BY: Stichting School van Z.M. Koning Willem III en H.M. Koningin Emma der Nederlanden

Young Environmental Leadership
FINANCED BY: Stichting Joke Waller-Hunter Initiative