A Word from our Board and Director

We started 2022 with ideas and energy. We were relieved that the pandemic seemed nearly under control. We were excited about having made strides in increasing support for transformative practices, like agroecology, which strengthens community resilience and contributes to stable supplies of food in times of crisis. And we were buoyed by the crucial breakthrough at the UN climate talks in Glasgow, where a large group of wealthy countries, including the Netherlands, and key international financial institutions, pledged to end public funding for new fossil projects abroad by the end of 2022. This was an enormous victory for Both ENDS and our many partners and allies worldwide, who have been working together for decades for fossil free public finance.

And then the next crisis hit. In February, the geopolitical context suddenly and profoundly shifted when Russia expanded its occupation of Ukraine into a full-scale war. As in case of the Covid crisis, we again saw how a sudden shock to the global economic system has direct and severe consequences on people’s access to energy and food, as well as on civic space and human rights. Along with many others, we’ve been warning for years about the risks of our dependence on fossil fuels and industrial agriculture, and the danger of long and unsustainable global supply chains dominated by a few companies.


Danielle Hirsch, Director
Paul Engel, Chair of the Board


2022 at a glance

To achieve our vision of a sustainable, fair and inclusive world, Both ENDS works to empower civil society, to change the system so it prioritises people and the planet, and to support transformative practices. This annual report features some of our best stories from 2022, which together show the broad variety of our achievements along each one of the three pathways.


Civil society: Joining voices to advance advocacy and security

Both ENDS cooperates with many partner organisations around the world to strengthen civil society, advocate for green and fair policies and support transformative practices. This cooperation entails much more then only financial support; we strategise together and each take our own role in our joint efforts for just and sustainable societies.

In our cooperation, taking care of the security of our partners is becoming increasingly important. In 2022, Both ENDS has taken steps to develop a more systematic and proactive approach to supporting partners in addressing safety and security issues. We successfully mobilised resources to support six Ugandan organisations to strengthen collaboration, increase their visibility, and carry out joint advocacy towards a green and sustainable future.


Systemic change: Women’s land rights in Mozambique

In order for systems to prioritise people and the planet, Both ENDS and partners aim to change the system step by step, policy by policy. Where policies are already strong, they need to be implemented, and where they are absent, we advocate for new ones to be enacted, on all levels.

One of the topics where better policies are needed, is land rights. Land is crucial for women’s livelihoods, their health and well-being. Nevertheless, in many places women, even though they may play an important role in local food production, do not have the same formal access to land as men do. Both ENDS and partners advocate for land rights for women, so that they get a say in how the land is being used and can do the necessary investments to manage the land sustainably.


Transformative practices: Growing a global network of Analog Forestry promoters

Around the world, the loss and degradation of ecosystems is happening at a dangerous pace. Each year, tens of millions of hectares of forest are destroyed or lose their ability to naturally regenerate. Alongside of their cultural and spiritual importance, healthy forests are a vital source of food, water, and medicine for people worldwide. They provide valuable materials for housing, furniture, crafts, and energy. And they provide essential protection against climate change and its impacts.

As part of the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA), the International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN), a long-term partner of Both ENDS, is inspiring and supporting women’s leadership in their communities to restore local ecosystems using natural forests as a model. They succesfully built a network of local Analog Forestry Promoters during the pandemic years.




Want to read our full Annual Report 2022 or print it? You can download the full PDF, including the annual accounts and the auditors statement, from the Both ENDS website.