Risk Management

Since 2017 Both ENDS has implemented a risk management tool as a key part of its quality management process. The tool facilitates prevention of and, if necessary, effective responses to risks that materialise. Most of these risks are standard for the type of organisation Both ENDS is, and thus continuous in nature.

Examples include:



Risk: Unjust or sensitive information is spread (by Both ENDS personnel or others), leading to reputational damage or putting relations under pressure.

Mitigation measures: The head of communications should be informed immediately, in the earliest possible stage. Together with the involved employees and/or the Director, a tailor-made communication strategy will be drafted to mitigate the spread of unjust or sensitive information, and to limit damage for all parties, while being as transparent as possible.   

Employees face unnecessary risks while traveling because insufficient precautions were taken to guarantee their safety.

Mitigation measures: In 2018 a safety policy was introduced including sufficient precautions for risks during traveling. In 2019 all traveling colleagues who had not previously been trained received a safety training.

There are cases of mismanagement or fraud with our partners.

Mitigation measures: We introduced a new integrity policy in 2019 that includes extra precautionary measures to prevent cases of fraud or mismanagement.

The safety of employees and partners is compromised due to security or privacy breaches in the storage of information.

Mitigation measures: A new policy for digital security was introduced in 2019. We also began a process to adjust our ICT system to enhance our digital security.