Our people


Danielle Hirsch, Director


Zainab Abou Elkhair (as of June 2019) • Steven Baitali • Djanak Bindesrisingh • Maria Bordallo Gil (until September 2019) • Karin van Boxtel • Chris Chancellor (April to September 2019) • Cindy Coltman • Tineke Cordesius • Annelieke Douma • Fiona Dragstra • Sonja Duimel (as of January 2019) • Alexandra Elamri (as of January 2019) • Giacomo Galli • Karine Godthelp • Anneroos Goudsmit • Nathalie van Haren • Niels Hazekamp • Sander Hehanussa (until May 2019) • Masja Helmer • Fernando Hernandez Espino (as of August 2019) • Maaike Hendriks • Roos Hommes • Burghard Ilge • Pieter Jansen • Anne de Jonghe • Remi Kempers (until July 2019) • Huub Kistermann (until August 2019) • Marianne van Meer • Tamara Mohr • Lieke Mur • Roos Nijpels • Anna van Ojik • Ibtissam Ouaali (until March 2019) • Hanneke Post • Madhu Ramnath • Michael Rice • Marjolein van Rijn • Daan Robben • Willemijn Rooijmans (until December 2019) • Lieke Ruijmschoot (until March 2019) • Eva Schmitz • Maaike Schouten • Sinde De Strijcker • Stefan Schüller • Thijs Struijk (as of June 2019) • Melvin van der Veen • Wiert Wiertsema • Paul Wolvekamp

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  • Roos Hommes • Iza Hirsch ● Kan Wai Min ● Elvira Lagrou ● Michiel van Lierop ● Stella Münninghoff ● Anne Politsch ● Nienke Raeven ● Arthur Rempel ● Cyrill Schumm ● William Sharp ● Adrien Tofighi ● Hanna Verduijn 


The Both ENDS Board monitors financial matters, oversees the general administration, operation and implementation of the organisation’s work, and critically scrutinises the organisation’s work methods. Board members offer guidance where and when necessary.

Their advisory expertise on initiatives, legal questions, accounting, management and other strategic issues strengthens the organisation’s foundation. The Board regularly evaluates its own activities and adjusts these where necessary. The Board members do not receive any remuneration for serving on the Board. The Board meets four times a year. Board members receive all relevant information on the organisation’s financial status, the progress in reaching our goals and any other developments by means of a quarterly report provided by the management.

Each Board member is appointed for a period of four years, which may be extended to a maximum of eight years. The Board appoints a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer from among its members. When there is a vacancy for a position on the Board, Both ENDS’s management will draw up a list of possible candidates together with the Board, from which they will eventually elect one.

The Board appoints the organisation’s Director, reviews and evaluates the Director’s accomplishments, and conducts an appraisal interview with the Director at least once a year.

The same Board members serve on the Boards of both the Both ENDS Foundation and the Joke Waller-Hunter Initiative Foundation. The joint foundations publish one consolidated annual account.


In 2019, no changes occurred in the composition of the Board, which consists of seven people. We want to thank all our Board members for their commitment to Both ENDS:

Paul Engel, Chair
Independent, Owner of Knowledge, Perspective and Innovation
Other relevant positions: Chair of Oxfam Novib Strategic Partnership External Reference Group

Ikrâm Çakir, Secretary
Campaigner, Oxfam Novib
Other relevant positions: none

Marianne van Duin, Treasurer
Fund Manager, Rabobank Wholesale, Rural & Retail
Other relevant positions: Treasurer of Vereniging ‘Schellingwoude Behouden’

Evelijne Bruning, Board Member
Country Director of The Hunger Project Netherlands
Other relevant positions: Member of the global management team of The Hunger Project International • Board member of Partos • Member of the advisory committee for the postdoctoral programme of the Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen • Board member of World in Progress

Jurriaan Regouin, Board Member
Programme Manager at the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD)
Other relevant positions: Board member of the Eastern European Centre for Multiparty Democracy (EECMD)

Mariken Radstaat, Board Member
Transformation Manager and Deputy Director, Stedin Rotterdam
Other relevant positions: none

Jeroen Schmaal, Board Member
Business Development Manager, Sunvest
Other relevant positions: Chair of the Board of Directors of Theater Kargadoor • Founder of waterstoring.nl 


We would also like to thank the following persons and organisations for their support in 2019:

Irene Dankelman • Kiane de Kleijne • Ockeloen & Kiene • Paul Arlman • Raet • Sjef Langeveld • Techsoup