In the second half of 2016, Both ENDS developed a PMEL strategy. This started with the design of a Theory of Change (ToC), which provides insight into the changes we aspire to achieve before the end of 2020 and how we want to do this. The starting point for the development of the ToC was the existing strategy document for 2015-2020 and the five organisational goals for the same period. During the process of reorganisation, strategic organisational goals were defined that are to be achieved before the end of 2020. Although these goals had been developed with the input from a broad representation of employees, they had not yet been internalised and operationalised. To ensure a common understanding of these organisational goals by all employees, they needed to be further defined and operationalised.


Based on the Theory of Change, we assessed whether the current organisational goals sufficiently captured what we aspire to achieve in the coming period, or whether aspects were missing. This resulted in the addition of one extra organisational goal. We then organised interactive sessions with groups of employees to discuss and define how we are going to work on achieving the now six organisational goals in the coming years, and also how we intend to measure our progress against those goals. This resulted in the development of result indicators, which serve as the point of departure for our results measurement.


By the end of 2016, we were busy finishing the monitoring methods for the result indicators. Once this is done, we will design a dashboard that will be used to present a clear overview of our progress on a quarterly basis. The full PMEL strategy document, which we are in the process of finalising, will consist of a presentation of: our ToC, a narrative explanation of the ToC, our six organisational goals, the result indicators to measure progress on those goals, our ways of working on achieving those goals, and how we will reflect on the results on a regular basis.

Both ENDS Theory of Change

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