This is a short overview of the titles, the funders and the project partners of water related projects Both ENDS worked on in 2015.

NAME OF PROJECT: AfriWater CoP / IndoWaterCoP /
Negotiated Approach 2.0

FINANCED BY: Ecosystem Alliance,
Communities of Change Alliance and FGG Alliance /

Gomukh (India), Ecoton, Komunitas Peduli Ciliwung,
Yayasan Mitra Insani (Indonesia), ELCI, Nature Kenya
(Kenya), Wetlands International (the Netherlands), Nile
Basin Discourse (Nile Basin), JVE (Togo/Benin), Forum Civil,
Wetlands International Africa (Senegal), NAPE, AFIEGO

NAME OF PROJECT: ‘Promotion of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation’


PROJECT PARTNERS: Development Organisation of the Rural Poor (DORP) (Bangladesh), LAMBASSA ICA (Benin), National Association for Women’s Action in Development (NAWAD) (Uganda).


NAME OF PROGRAMME: Ecosystem Alliance

FINANCED BY: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS)

ALLIANCE PARTNERS: Wetlands International and IUCN Netherlands

PROJECT PARTNERS: Taller Ecologista (Argentina), newTree (Burkina Faso), Prerak, Samata, WTI, LIFE, Keystone, RCDC, NCF (India), Telapak (Indonesia) and many others.

NAME OF PROJECT: Shifting Grounds

FINANCED BY: NWO/WOTRO/UDW (Urbanizing Delta’s of the World)

PROJECT PARTNERS: TU Delft, SaciWaters (India), The Researcher (India), BUET Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) (Bangladesh), JJS (Bangladesh), Management Development Institute (MDI) (India).