This is a short overview of the titles, the funders and the project partners of land related projects Both ENDS worked on in 2015.

NAME OF PROGRAMME: Communities of Change

FINANCED BY: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS)


PROJECT PARTNERS: IBON-Europe (Belgium), Probioma (Bolivia), CENDEP (Cameroon), IAFN, ARCA (Central America), Development Institute (Ghana), The Tree Project (Honduras), Keystone (India), YMI, JMHI/Riak Bumi (Indonesia), KOAN (Kenya), SPRODETA (Mali), AgriProFocus, SNV, Hivos, Oxfam Novib (the Netherlands), IBON, NTFP-EP, NTFP Philippines Samdhana, (Philippines), Rainforest Rescue International (South Asia), LEAT (Tanzania), NAPE (Uganda), Forest Peoples Programme (UK), Zambia Land Alliance (Zambia).


FINANCED BY: Cordaid (part of CoC Alliance), Anton Jurgens Fonds, ING Goede doelen fonds, Koningsschool

PROJECT PARTNERS / NETWORKS: IAFN (International), Cendep (Cameroon), Keystone (India), NTFP-EP (Philippines), JMHI (Indonesia), NTFP-EP (Asia) Rainforest Rescue International (South Asia).

DUTCH PROJECT PARTNERS: Sustainsville, Landgoed Welna, Food Forestry Netherlands, Landgoed Roggebotstaete, Circle Ecology, Bushwick.


NAME OF NETWORK: ‘Drynet: a springboard to promote resilience in the drylands’

FINANCED BY: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation,

PROJECT PARTNERS: Probioma (Bolivia), CAREC (Central Asia), OLCA (Chile), CARI (France), LPPS (India), CENESTA (Iran), GRET (Madagascar), GCOZA Mali (Mali), TENMIYA (Mauritania), DCG (Norway), SCOPE (Pakistan), ENDA (Senegal), EMG (South Africa), TEMA (Turkey).

NAME OF PROJECT: The Dutch Soy Coalition

SUPPORTED BY: Both ENDS, IUCN NL, Milieudefensie, Oxfam Novib, Solidaridad, Stichting Natuur & Milieu, Wetlands International, WWF Netherlands,

PROJECT PARTNERS: Among others: ICV (Brazil), FARN, Fundación Pro Yungas, Fundación Humedales, (Argentina), Probioma (Bolivia), Guyra Paraguay (Paraguay).


NAME OF PROJECT: Assessing the socio-economic implications of industrial biofuel plantations

FINANCED BY: NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development

PROJECT PARTNERS: Africad, University of British Columbia (Canada), Hoarec, Institute of Local and Regional Development Studies, Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, RECA (Ghana).

NAME OF PROJECT: Regreening Niger

FINANCED BY: Turing Foundation

PROJECT PARTNERS: VU-CIS (Nederland), Cresa (Niger).

NAME OF PROJECT: Participatory Land Use Planning in Indonesia

FINANCED BY: Stichting Otterfonds


NAME OF PROJECT: Ethiopia Rising (documentary)

FINANCED BY: Liberty Foundation (among others)

PROJECT PARTNERS: 1080 films (UK), WRI (international).