In 2016, Both ENDS entered into a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through two large programmes: the Fair, Green and Global Alliance (FGG) and the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA). Both programmes will run until end 2020. This gives us time to further diversify our funding base in the coming years. In 2016, we secured a new funder in the Open Society Foundation to expand our work on export credit agencies. As one of the consortium partners, Both ENDS also shared in the success of the Dream Fund proposal ‘All eyes on the Amazon’, which was awarded to Hivos and Greenpeace by the National Postcode Lottery. Otterfonds enhanced its support to Both ENDS with a co-financing arrangement for an agroforestry project in Mali.

With contracts ending in or at the end of 2016, we worked hard to renew funding from existing donors, i.e. the Turing Foundation, the KR Foundation, the C.S. Mott Foundation and the Anton Jurgens Foundation. We expect at least part of these funds to materialise over the course of 2017. Fundraising activities to secure new donors, e.g. the European Commission, proved less successful.

In 2017, we will continue to focus on diversifying our funding. In addition to submitting project proposals in response to calls and tenders, we will pro-actively seek to expand our donor network by participating in events in our funders’ networks.



Both ENDS and our partners benefit from the generous financial support offered by our funders and donors, for which we express our great appreciation.

We would also like to thank: Paul Arlman • Irene Dankelman • Douwe Jan Joustra • Sjef Langeveld • Jolanda Marks • Ockeloen & Kiene Organisatieontwikkeling • Raet • Frits Schlingeman • Techsoup • The Changery