All projects in 2016

Both ENDS takes part in two ‘Dialogue and Dissent’ strategic partnerships (2016-2020) with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

NAME OF ALLIANCE: Fair, Green and Global (FGG)
FINANCED BY: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
ALLIANCE PARTNERS: ActionAid Netherlands • Clean Clothes Campaign • Friends of the Earth • Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen (SOMO) • Transnational Institute (TNI, the Netherlands)
PROJECT PARTNERS: Blue Planet Initiative (Bangladesh) • Fórum Suape (Brasil) • Probioma (Bolivia) • CENDEP (Cameroon) • Atelier Naranja (Colombia) • Ecoton • IGJ • KNTI • Link-AR • Riak Bumi (Indonesia) • Third World Network (Malaysia) • Grupo Sunu (Paraguay) • Lumière Synergie pour le Développement (LSD, Senegal) • EMG (South Africa) • SEATINI (Uganda)

NAME OF ALLIANCE: Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action (GAGGA)
FINANCED BY: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
ALLIANCE PARTNERS: Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM, Nicaragua) • Mama Cash (the Netherlands)
PROJECT PARTNERS: M’Bigua (Argentina) • PAZINDE • Probioma • Puente Entre Culturas (Bolivia) • CASA (Brasil) • ARCA • IAFN (Costa Rica) • CEE Bankwatch (Czech Republic) • Green Alternative (Georgia) • Development Institute (Ghana) • MAR Fund • Utz-Che (Guatemala) • Keystone (India) • Aksi! • Ecoton (Indonesia) • Nature Kenya • Ka Paa Kwa Geh (Liberia) • OT Watch (Mongolia) • Popol Na (Nicaragua) • Sobrevivencia (Paraguay) • Kakai • NGO Forum on ADB • NTFP-EP (Philippines) • WOMIN (South Africa) • Earth Rights International • Sevana (Thailand) • Les Compagnons Ruraux • Les Amis de la Terre (Togo) • GGF • Ulu Foundation (USA)

Other projects:

NAME OF PROJECT: Accelerating Sustainable WASH FINANCED BY: Simavi PROJECT PARTNERS: DORP • JJS (Bangladesh)


NAME OF PROJECT: Assessing the socio-economic implications of industrial biofuel plantations (CoCooN) FINANCED BY: NWO-WOTRO PROJECT PARTNERS: University of British Columbia (Canada) • Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia) • Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology • Rural Environmental Care Association (Ghana) • Utrecht University (the Netherlands)

NAME OF PROJECT: Challenging ECA’s hidden role in fossil fuel sector FINANCED BY: KR Foundation PROJECT PARTNERS: FASE Espírito Santo • Fórum dos Afetados pela Indústria do Óleo e Petroquímica no Entorno da Baía de Guanabara • Fórum Suape Espaço Socioambiental (Brazil) • ECA Watch (international) • GreenID (Vietnam)

NAME OF PROJECT: Connecting Sustainable Agriculture Networks FINANCED BY: EU PROJECT PARTNERS: TEMA (Turkey)

NAME OF PROJECT: Ensuring women access to climate finance: pilot in Indonesia FINANCED BY: Wallace Global Fund PROJECT PARTNER: The Samdhana Institute (Indonesia)

NAME OF PROJECT: EU DEAR FINANCED BY: European Commission PROJECT PARTNER: CEE Bankwatch (Czech Republic)

NAME OF PROJECT: Fish4Food FINANCED BY: University of Amsterdam PROJECT PARTNERS: ICSF (Belgium) • Kwame Nkrumah University • University of Ghana (Ghana) • Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University • Fish MARC • Madras Institute of Development Studies • SIFFS (India) • Amsterdam University • Good Fish Foundation • Pelagic Freezer Association • IMARES • WorldFish (the Netherlands) • East Carolina University (USA)

NAME OF PROJECTS: Implementation NA KenyaSand Mining FINANCED BY: Stichting Otterfonds • VIA Water PROJECT PARTNER: ELCI (Kenya)

NAME OF PROJECT: Investing in land and water: turning new climate finance mechanisms into tools for cooperation FINANCED BY: NWO-WOTRO • DFID PROJECT PARTNERS: HoAREC (Ethiopia) • Aksi! (Indonesia) • UNESCO-IHE • LEI Wageningen UR (the Netherlands)

NAME OF PROJECT: ISQAPER – Interactive Soil Quality Assessment in Europe and China for Agricultural Productivity and Environmental Resilience FINANCED BY: The EU’s Horizon 2020 Programme for research & innovation PROJECT PARTNERS: Wageningen UR (The Netherlands) and many universities, private sector and think expertise organisations from Europe and China

NAME OF PROJECT: Multilateral Financial Institutions and Export Credit Agencies Program FINANCED BY: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation PROJECT PARTNERS: CEE Bankwatch (Czech Republic) • NGO Forum on ADB (Philippines)

NAME OF PROJECT: Negotiated Approach 2.0 FINANCED BY: Stichting Otterfonds

NAME OF PROJECT: Participatory Land Use Planning in Indonesia FINANCED BY: Stichting Otterfonds PROJECT PARTNER: JKPP (Indonesia)

NAME OF PROJECT: Regreening Niger FINANCED BY: Turing Foundation PROJECT PARTNERS: VU-CIS (the Netherlands) • CRESA (Niger)

NAME OF PROJECT: Reorienting export credit policies: the case of Atradius DSB FINANCED BY: Foundation Open Society Institute PROJECT PARTNERS: ECA Watch (international) • OECD Watch (the Netherlands) • Northern Forest Defense • TEMA (Turkey)

NAME OF PROJECT: Research and Analysis on Private Finance, Aid and Links to the other Finance Flows FINANCED BY: Eurodad

NAME OF PROJECTS: Rich ForestsTea farmers CameroonThe Case of the Aeta of Mount Pinatubo FINANCED BY: Anton Jurgens Fonds • ING Goede Doelen • Koningsschool • Otterfonds PROJECT PARTNERS: CENDEP • TroPeg (Cameroon) • IAFN (Costa Rica) • The Tree Project (Honduras) • Keystone (India) • JMHI (Indonesia) • Landgoed Roggebotstaete • Stadstuinen West • Stichting Voedselbos Nederland • Netwerk Natuurinclusieve Landbouw (the Netherlands) • NTFP-EP • PAGMIMIHA (Philippines) • Rainforest Rescue International (Sri Lanka)

NAME OF PROJECT: Shifting Grounds FINANCED BY: Delft University of Technology PROJECT PARTNERS: Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) • JJS (Bangladesh) • Management Development Institute (MDI) • SaciWaters • The Researcher (India) • TU Delft (the Netherlands)

NAME OF PROJECT: Support for Asian NGOs FINANCED BY: Sustainable Energy Pool

NAME OF PROJECT: Support for Indian CSOs FINANCED BY: Sustainable Energy Pool

NAME OF PROJECT: The Dutch Soy Coalition MEMBERS: Both ENDS, IUCN NL, Milieudefensie, Solidaridad, Stichting Natuur & Milieu, Wetlands International, WWF Netherlands

NAME OF PROJECT: Upholding Human Rights, bridging the gender – environmental divide FINANCED BY: Human Rights Fund (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) PROJECT PARTNERS: ActionAid Kenya • Forest Peoples Programme (Kenya) • ActionAid Netherlands • ActionAid South Africa • Centre for International Environmental Law (CIEL, USA)

Both ENDS manages two small grants funds:

NAME OF FUND: Young Environmental Leadership FINANCED BY: JWH Initiative

NAME OF FUND: The Koningsschool Fund FINANCED BY: Stichting School van Z.M. Koning Willem III en H.M. Koningin Emma der Nederlanden